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Monthly Auctions

Do you have extra fish that you would like to see get a great home OR are you looking to purchase some new fish??  How about used equipment that is in good condition and functioning properly - do you have some that you are interested in getting rid of OR would you like to purchase some??  How about plants, ornaments, etc., etc., etc??

Well the DCAS Monthly Auction is the place to look.  Each month, many of the above items, and more, are auctioned off at our monthly meeting.  Many folks have received great deals on items they have purchased and there will be plenty more deals to come.

Any one may purchase items in our mothly auctions however, ONLY members are allowed to register items to be auctioned off.  The ability to register auction items at the monthly auction is one of the privledges of membership.

Note:  Online Registration closes at noon on the day of the Monthly Auction, Items may registered at the monthly Friday Meetings 7:30 to 7:55pm.

Click Here for the On-line Auction Registration Form


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